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In the dry winter of 2006 Drummer / Singer / Record Producer / Songwriter Kay.K.BayZ began to compile many years of songwriting and producing. Today, "Make Me Wanna Scream" is complete and ready take the world by storm.

The foundation to what has already proven to be a successful musical career was laid early in his life. At 3 years of age Kay.K was belting it out on the drum kit, at 7 singing along to tunes with his dad's band and at 10 taking a real interest for the keyboard. Though it wasn't until his own band came together that he had discovered his songwriting talents. Having now taken up the guitar as well, he had the freedom to express himself musically. Still only 16 years old.

Having won a scholarship to further his studies at a Melbourne College of Music, he used this time to develop his songwriting skills further. Inspired by being around musicians day in day out, Kay.K was able to focus on his singing, drum playing and music production.

Today, his energy is targeted at writing and producing songs. Be it with his band, 6hr Sundae (6 Saat) or as a solo artist, his extensive background and experiences are evident in the quality of his productions.

Looking forward, his contemporary productions, a combination of pop/rock with a RnB vocal quality, are sure to turn heads.

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