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"Make Me Wanna Scream" - the music:

Executive Record Producer: Kay.K.BayZ
All tracks Written, Composed and Performed by Kay.K.BayZ except track 6 Written and Composed by Kay.K.BayZ and 6hr Sundae (6 Saat), performed by Kay.K.BayZ.

Lead Guitar Solos on tracks 1, 4, 5, 9 Written and Performed by Metz.H. Rap on track 11 Written and Performed by Dark Sin.

Recorded & Mixed by Kay.K.BayZ at MeKoo Studios, Melbourne, AUS.

Mastered by Martin Pullan at Eden Sound, Melbourne, AUS.

Special Thanks to Fahri Kiamil, Metin Hassan, Sinan Bayram and 6hr Sundae (6 Saat).

Art Direction & Website Design by MeKoo Solutions

Album Front Cover design by Louis Dupree - FoxView Multimedia, NC, U.S.A

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